The EasyGender Machine is a set of open-source tools for Twine 1 to implement and utilize user-defined custom pronouns in your Twine games. You can use the EasyGender Machine to quickly and easily add functionality for letting your players use their own pronouns, complete with correct pluralization for plural pronouns and consistent capitalization in any context.

The EasyGender Machine is divided into two functionalities: EasyPronouns and EasyCaps. EasyPronouns is a pre-built input form to give you a quick start in implementing custom and alternative pronouns in your Twine applications. EasyPronouns is the perfect tool for first person Twine games, allowing the player to be referred to directly without risk of misgendering.

The second functionality of The EasyGender Machine is EasyCaps, a set of prebuilt macros to allow you to manipulate the capitalization of string variables. No matter what input your players use for their pronouns, EasyCaps will automatically convert them to the proper capitalization within context.

These tools make it simple to add user-definable pronouns in any Twine application. Even if you're not interested in the gender aspect of it, you can use EasyCaps in any situation where user input is required to be grammatically corrected, or borrow and modify the cutesy CSS theme the "game" is presented in.

Published Feb 22, 2016
Tagscss, LGBT, pronouns, transgender, Twine


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