A downloadable asset pack for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The EasyCSS Pack is a series of prebuilt CSS layouts for use in Twine 1 on top of Sugarcane, allowing users to quickly and easily implement unique CSS for virtually any aesthetic.

Available for free downloads are two themes: Sugardrop, a simple and lightweight layout utilizing the Sugarcane sidebar; and Cybersex, a flashy setup with text effects inspired by some of Twine's greatest authors.

Pay $2.50 and unlock additional color schemes for Sugardrop and Cybersex, along with three new themes: Windows 96, a theme inspired by the classic relics of computing; Medium, an ultra-lightweight style that's still guaranteed to make your stories pop; and Menus, a Web 1.0 theme with optional support for buttons and menus.

Per each purchase made, one randomly chosen style will eventually be released for free in a stripped-down form with its default color scheme; the additional colors and functionality will still be available for purchase. Once all themes have been released, a new pack will be published and the cycle will begin anew. Buy now and you can help a queer developer release new CSS for everyone!

All themes will be delivered as-is, and we do not offer customer support beyond bugfixes (you can download the available free themes to get an idea of what you're in for). Free themes will be released as an extension of goodwill towards the Twine community in hopes of helping new Twine developers get started. All we're asking for is an initial donation, and subsequent editions will contain more comprehensive mobile support and new functionalities.

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Published 1 year ago
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