That Is Me. is an incremental clicker game about everyone's favorite microblogging website.

You play as Lezo. Lezo just happens to be fictionkin, which means that he identifies as a fictional character - more specifically, Lezo from Peko!, a 1990s badly-dubbed foreign-language cartoon ostensibly about Christianity. Lezo's job is to refresh the #Peko! hashtag and reblog as much content as possible, in order to accumulate thousands of followers.

Once he's Internet famous, he'll finally be able to convince the world that he's the true Lezo - a job that won't be so easy when he finds himself up against spambots, pornography, and himself.

That Is Me. is free to play, but it's currently in beta. This is because we want to give the viewers a chance to participate - but how? Just check out our Stumblie- er, Tumblr page about it.

Produced by @Palabomeno
Designed by @Brilokuloj
Copyright © 2016 Eggware.XYZ