Have you ever had a friend or family member who hurt you, but you couldn't tell anyone about it? Nobody believed you, but instead of growing resentful, maybe you started to convince yourself that you were the one with the problem.

Long John Gets Banned is a game developed by Eggware.XYZ about the uncomfortable space between friendship and enemy. Witness the worst cookout in all recorded history when Smokey Joe receives a visit from his estranged friend, Long John. Will Long John be able to mend their broken relationship? Can Long John tolerate Smokey Joe's disastrous cooking? Should he even bother with a friend that's this far gone? Considering the title of the game, these answers should be obvious.

It's contemporary drama in the form of interactive fiction, with a few puzzles that encourage you to explore cupboards, trash cans, and the boundaries of your friendships. There are three canonical endings endings and one very secret ending.

You can also play Long John Gets Banned on our website.

People who pay $2.00 or more will also recieve Long John's Short Book, an exclusive Twine art book with character art (800x800 PNG and full-res SVG), behind the scenes development trivia, and a secret.

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