Handcat is an HTML web toy. Upload images and receive descriptions for them.

Are you PLAGUED with unidentified items? Are you BORED of having swords stick to your hand? Did you SWEAR OFF enchanted amulets when the last one tried to strangle you - AGAIN?

Fear no more, for HANDCAT is here to identify your items, knick-knacks, and other objects! Simply upload an image of the item in question via the handy CRYSTAL-BALL interface, and she'll give you everything you need to know! But why limit yourself with just enchanted items? Handcat can identify the Blessed or Cursed status of ANY IMAGE given to her! Just pop it in the Crystal Ball, and you're good to go for another five dungeon levels, GUARANTEED!

Handcat is not guaranteed to accurately read the BUC status of all items. If Handcat cannot understand the image given to her, no refunds will be made available. Replace your Handcat every three months or 100 dungeon floors, whichever comes first. Made in Negatory, Accept No Substitutes!

Handcat merely parses image data client-side. She does not store, save, or transmit any images uploaded onto any web servers. Handcat can be downloaded and accessed offline.

Produced by @palabomeno
Designed by @brilokuloj

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
TagsFunny, Procedural Generation, toy, weird